Clone a new environment

The clone a new environment page has gone through many iterations.

To begin with, it all boils down to allowing the user to select a predefined area of the map and to kick off the cloning process. We use the Google Maps API to allow the user to interact with the map and handle the selection of a point.

We’ve added several enhancements in order to make the process easier:

  • An overlay grid appears once the user has zoomed to the required zoom level, showing the user the boundaries of the tile that they will be cloning
  • When clicking the map, the overlay grid will update to show the selected tile
  • The maximum zoom is also the required zoom level for selection
  • Satellite, hybrid and terrain map display options are visible to aid the user in finding an area of interest
  • A search box is available if the user already knows where they want to clone

The CLONE button also required quite a bit of validation:

  • Check whether a tile has been selected
  • Check whether that tile has already been cloned before by another user
  • Ensure the environment name the user enters is present and not longer than 30 characters

New Environment Map

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